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LPG Hydrostatic Tee Valves For Automotive
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LPG hydrostatic tee valves are specifically designed to drain/remove LPG/propane from both the cylinders equally. These valves are excellent at releasing the pressure as soon as the pressure exceeds 3.1MPA. The excess pressure is released through a red cap which is its flagship feature.  

These tee valves are intricately designed with sealed internal parts and are spring-loaded. A valve should be fitted at the cylinder end of each cylinder hose and a hydrostatic tee valve must be installed where liquid could be trapped between valves. Hydrostatic tee valves should be set to discharge above the maximum working pressure in the line but not greater than the design pressure of the pipework and components in the section to be protected. 

Leading The Pack With LPG Hydrostatic Tee Valves

lpgcomponents.com.au is a pioneer in supplying industrial-grade LPG valves used in various LPG applications such as recreational vehicles, engine fuel installations, and forklift trucks. They can also be used with tanks having a capacity of 1000 gallons. Our LPG valves have been serving the industry with standardised valves for long to meet domestic, agricultural, and commercial applications. 

Our LPG valves meet the legal requirements set in all states in Australia when fitting twin LPG tanks. These valves are mandatory to be fitted into every LPG twin tank installation. The valve is designed for cars with two LPG tanks – the valve includes a check valves for each tank and one pressure discharge point rated at 31 bar (3.1MPa). 

Features Of The LPG Valves

They can be easily installed with handy mounting brackets with pre-drilled holes and TEK screws. The pre-drilled holes are conveniently measured at 4 * 5.3mm. These dimensions are mandatory for all twin tank installations. 

Our LPG valves are suitable for all vehicles including 4WD and heavy vehicles. They can also be mounted through the hole with star washer and nut. 

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