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LPG Filling Valves For Autogas Systems
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LPG filling valves are universally designed to be fitted to any application. The 3/4 thread enables it to fit on any bracket with washer and nut on either side of the bracket. Our LPG filling valves are renowned for being flexible and adjust positions.

Vehicles run on LPG are often considered safer than petrol. This is due to the various safety features of LPG auto systems over petrol/diesel systems. One of the most important safety components of the LPG system is the filling valve. 

Role and Necessity for LPG Filling Values

Filling valves are fitted to the tank and the filler to stop the gas from escaping from the filler connection. Our filling valves comes with a complete housing and cap strap assembly. The cap must be kept plugged when not in use. The safety valve also must always be capped at all times to prevent fouling

These LPG filling valves are designed to seal the LPG system when the filler gun is removed. During or after filling, if the filling hose/pipe fractures or leaks, then the filling valves will lock off and shut down any escape of gas from within the tank. 

The cylinders must never be filled above 80% as this decreases the vapour space and may cause either vapour or liquid LPG to discharge from the safety relief valve without warning, or during transportation. 

Ensuring Correct Purchase

When buying filling valves, makes sure to purchase a valve with correct thread form and fitting quality to ensure it fits perfectly with your filling hose. Purchasing components from the same supplier could eliminate the risk of mismatched components. 

It is very important that you check the hose and filling valve threads regularly to identify any wear on the threads or faults that could lead to an accident through leakage or total failure. 

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