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High-Flow LPG Reducers For Sale
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High-flow LPG reducers are designed to vaporise the liquid petroleum gas supplied from cylinders. Our LPG reducers are manufactured to be easily regulated and installed in any car. Our benchmark production process makes sure that each reducer that reaches our customers go through rigorous performance testing and is proven to reduce fuel consumption. 

The high efficiency and thermal stability of the reducers ensure stable pressure and precise fuel dosage under sudden acceleration and during engine load increase. The unique ability of our reducers to maintain correct gas pressure and maintain vaporisation regardless of driving conditions set them further ahead of the competition. 

Benefits Of High-Flow LPG Reducers 

The revolutionary design of our reducers enables them to work perfectly with the vehicle power transmission systems, ensuring trouble-free operation for years. Unlike other products in the market, our LPG reducers work perfectly regardless of LPG parameters, driving style, or vehicle load. 

The LPG reducers are made of aluminium alloy with a uniform formulation of casting to ensure high durability and resistance to mechanical wear and tear. 

Common Mistakes When Choosing LPG Reducers

The most common mistake often committed by beginner installers is the use of installation component which are not adapt to the parameter of the particular engine. Choosing a weak reducer will not be able to keep up with the supply of expanded gas during acceleration. Our LPG reducers provide constant flow and keep the engine from overheating. 

The reducer is one of the most pivotal components of the LPG auto gas supply system. Only dedicated reducers should be used for LPG installations. While choosing a reducer, make sure the rubber diaphragms are of good quality. While driving, if you notice a drop in power or jerk motions, then it’s a clear indication of a faulty reducer or that the reducer is unable to supply sufficient vapour LPG. 

Reducer Is Only One Of Many Components….

The high-flow LPG reducer is only a part of the installation. Read our post on how to install LPG systems. And, find out more about other components like LPG converters, filling valves, hydro-static tee valves, etc. 

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