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High Flow LPG Injectors For Sale
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The high flow LPG injectors are electrically operated valves which accurately control the quantity of the fuel delivered. By adding the fuel to the air that is sucked by the engine, a mixture is created with the required fuel/air ratio. LPG i.e. liquid petroleum gas and CNG i.e compressed natural gas are significant alternative fuels used in present times by the automotive industry. It is majorly used by the industry to convert the internal fuel engines.

LPG Injectors: How They Work?

These injectors are precisely designed for the sequential auto gas installations in vehicles with petrol engines. It ensures the accurate dosage of gas to the engine air intake duct. It is proven to be highly durable than other traditional solutions by undertaking long-distance tests in several different vehicles. 

The new generation LPG and CNG systems are equipped with gas injectors, instead of a mixer. The benefit of using them is that they are not only effective, but they also eradicate most of its flaws and avoid the undesired outcomes like an explosion of the gas mix due to its flowing back into the intake manifold.

Benefits Of LPG Reducers

  1. Linear flow gas injectors that behave much like petrol injectors
  2. Dedicated LPG ECU control of the injectors, using as the main input the duty cycle that the petrol ECU provides the petrol injectors, corrected by the LPG ECU for the gas injectors
  3. Feedback of the car’s original oxygen sensor(s) to correct small deviations from optimal mixtures
  4. Modern Non-Stick and Anti-Freeze Fluoropolymer coatings
  5. Gas Flow Regulations with Calibration Nozzles
  6. Various Connection Configurations through Dedicated Adaptors and Main-Line Power Distribution. 

There are many dealers and distributors of high flow LPG injectors in Australia. However, we have carved a niche for ourselves by delivering quality LPG system components at reasonable prices. It has been a leader in Auto LPG technology, a name that you can trust. 

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