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High Flow CNG Injectors For Sale
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High Flow CNG injectors are electrically operated valves which accurately control the quantity of fuel delivered to the tank. By adding the fuel to the air sucked in by the engine, a mixture is created with the perfect fuel/air ratio.

LPG and CNG are the most prevalent alternative fuel options in the automotive sector. The multi-point injector sharply reduces accelerator lag and prevents backfires. All high flow CNG injectors have two ends, both the ends are connected to the engine controller.

High Flow CNG Injectors: How They Work!

The injector for CNG systems is supplied by the CNG fuel rail. The injection is triggered by the electronic control unit via a signal, which is calculated by the engine management system. The gas quantity required by the engine is therefore exactly dosed.

Our injectors are developed specifically to meet the requirements of CNG operation: an electromagnetic valve for a higher gas volume, high flow speed, and wear resistance, even when operated with oil-free gas. 

When all the injectors are flowing the correct amount of fuel to each cylinder, the engine performance will be at its best supplying the vehicle with maximum power and fuel economy. Injector maintenance and service is a very important part of proper vehicle maintenance. Choose the injector cleaning method that works best for you, and don’t forget to change the fuel filter.

Benefits of Injectors

  1. Flexible variant frame, compact housing, and low weight.
  2. Has a service life of 15 years or 380 million switching cycles.
  3. It can be triggered by the control unit with a standard switch driver stage or Peak & Hold control.
  4. Low emission level thanks to low leakage.

Its superiority over the competition can be understood by the fact that our LPG and CNG components are used in police cars in the UK and taxis in Russia. 

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